Why I Love Patagonia

I want to preface this article by saying that I have never been someone who has felt a deep connection with a brand. I tend to buy clothes that I wear for long periods of time and end up throwing them away because they have holes in them. Patagonia as a brand really captured my interest and has made me fall in love, which is something I never knew I was capable of doing. In addition to that, I feel like Patagonia has made me thinking harder about issues like climate change and sustainability.

I honestly bought my first fleece because most of the people at my school had them, and they were incredibly soft and comfortable. I went to my town’s local sports store and bought the W’s Re-Tool Snap-T® Pullover in Port Blue on sale. I still have that sweater, and I still love it. It is so comfortable and doesn’t lose its softness after countless washes. At this point, I was still not very invested in Patagonia as a brand.

Over the next year, I bought a Patagonia jacket. That is when I started falling in love with the brand. Generally, Winter jackets and sweaters are the cheapest in the Summer. I bought the W’s Down Sweater in a purple color. I have religiously worn this jacket for the past 3 or 4 years in the Winter and have no complaints. It is pretty warm and very compact. Patagonia comes out with new colors every year, and I think they are wonderful.

Over the next two years, I actually ended up buying two more Patagonia fleeces. One was through my high school swim team, where we got the M’s Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Pullover for the entire team with our engraved team name. These are honestly really great and look wonderful on everyone. The most recent fleece I bought was the W’s Better Sweater® 1/4-Zip in Tasmanian Teal. I absolutely love this color and wear this fleece the most. I think it has a very streamlined feel and looks really good even for a casual outing.

In the past year, I have also bought the W’s Nano Puff® Parka and Kid’s Synchilla™ Gloves which I have worn so much this past Winter. I also own the W’s Better Sweater® Jacket which I got at the last company I worked at. Both of these products are incredible, and I know for a fact that I will be buying more Patagonia products in the future.

It was around the time that I bought my Better Sweater that I listened to Yvon Chouinard’s How I Built This podcast with Guy Raz. (Side note, these podcasts are amazing and really highlight the struggles and successes of the founders of some really great brands). The part that struck me the most about his story was how much effort and intention he put into building a company that has strong values. Not only is Patagonia a company with strong values, but it consistently acts with those values in mind. For example, Patagonia has had a maternity and paternity leave in place for decades for its employees, which is only now starting to gain popularity in companies. Chouinard really wanted to create a community for his employees and give everyone a good experience.

Patagonia started as a very simple company for climbing equipment but really grew into a brand and a community. I think Patagonia’s mission statement sums it up pretty well: “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis”. The company consistently donates 1% of its profits to environmental causes, has sued the government and Donald Trump for taking away federal lands from important environmental areas, and has enforced corporate responsibility by protecting migrant laborers and working closely with factories.

I think Patagonia really shows the world how a company can produce so much impact if they really try hard enough. It does take investment, and probably does make them a little bit less money every year, but they have created a brand that is trying to fight for the environment and sustainability. Personally, it inspires me to put intention into my day to day work and think more deeply about sustainability and respecting this beautiful planet we live on.

DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored by Patagonia, but honestly I wish I was. If you are out there reading this Patagonia, I’d love to be a brand ambassador!




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