Valentines Day is a Weird Holiday

Another reflective February article.

1 min readFeb 17, 2023

Don’t get me wrong, I love love. I love all types of love. I consider myself to love a lot and have a lot of love in my life, but I strongly dislike Valentines day. I think it should be celebrated if you are in elementary school, but otherwise, it should not be celebrated. It’s such a weird and forced celebration of love and it kinda grosses me out. It also feels forced in a christmas-capitalism way.

I think our relationships should be celebrated but I don’t think we need a whole separate day for that. It’s also one of those days that I think can be kind of exclusive and also overwhelming especially for people who have lost a loved one. If you are single, widowed, in a new relationship, in a situationship, recently single, far away from a loved one, Valentine’s day is lowkey stressful. I also think recently there is a huge need to showcase relationships on Valentines day and that also weirds me out and overwhelms me even though I am in a happy relationship. I’m realizing I sound like an old bitter woman.

This is gonna be another short article because my thoughts are all over the place and I also don’t know if I have a ton of thoughts on this topic. If you like to celebrate Valentines day, props to you. I do love me some flowers and chocolate but I’d rather receive them on Groundhog’s day.