My Tried & Tested Products

Daily Stuff

Water bottle (Hydroflask)

My god I love my hydroflask. Call me a basic girl but it keeps things cold and it is quite durable. I also love a good Nalgene.

Pens (Muji)

The 0.5 Muji pens really changed the game. They make my handwriting better!

Crossword (The New York Times)

I do the mini pretty much every day. It’s so fun.

Clothes & Shoes

Flip flops (Rainbow)

I’ve had my pair of Rainbow flip flops for probably 7 years now and they are the comfiest things I own.

Running sneakers (Asics)

Maybe it’s that I haven’t tried a lot of different sneaker brands but I’ve never been disappointed by Asics.

Jeans (Madewell)

Although expensive, Madewell jeans tend to fit me the best and grow softer over time which I enjoy.

Thermal clothing (Uniqlo)

I have two thermals from Uniqlo and I wear them pretty much all winter long. They are truly a lifesaver for people who have to walk long distances in the cold.

Sweaters/Jackets/Literally anything (Patagonia)

Lol not much to say here other than the fact that everything I have has lasted me for so long and is still in the same condition I bought it in.

Tote Bag (The New Yorker)

This bag is sort of a meme in New York but it’s actually so useful. The size and fit of it are perfect for my shoulders.

Wristlet (Rebecca Minkoff)

Ok I’ve owned this wristlet/wallet/iphone 5c phone charger for probably 8 years now. It doesn’t even charge anything anymore but for some reason I don’t want a new wristlet.


Niacinamide (The Ordinary)

This stuff has changed my skin for the better.

Cleanser (Youth to the People)

I don’t think I’ll ever buy a different cleanser. This one is so fresh and clean and gentle.

Shampoo (Amika)

Recently, Amika has really upped my shampoo game. Their products smell really good and make my hair feel like it does when I get a haircut.


AC Unit (Black and Decker)

I love my AC Unit. Do I wish I had a slightly bigger room to accommodate for it? Yes. But that’s ok.

Duvet & Duvet cover (LL Bean)

I’m happy I splurged a bit on this bedding combo. I’ve been sleeping with it for the past 7 months and have never had better sleep in my life.

Coffee glasses (Crate & Barrel)

These make my morning iced coffees infinitely better.

Laundry hamper (Amazon)

This damn laundry hamper that I bought for my freshman year of college has stuck with me and it’s really great. I love that it folds.



I think my whole life is on Notion #whoops.


I guess this is kind of a no brainer but Spotify is probably the best subscription service I participate in.

Airpods (Apple)

I resisted buying airpods for a while but the noise cancelling ones are so great and they make my walks so much better.

iPhone case (Speck)

This iPhone case has protected my phone for 3 years now and although it is slowly deteriorating. I am very proud of it.




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boop a snoot today

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