Monthly Favorites — September 2022

A bunch of things I’ve enjoyed this month.

Flowers & gardens

👋 Introduction

September flew by so so so quickly. The first half of the month was spent traveling in India which was really nice but also chaotic. The latter half of the month was spent getting back into my routine in New York. I don’t have as many favorites this month but have been really loving the end-of-summer-beginning-of-fall energy. Emotionally, this month had its ups and downs but I feel very content and peaceful for the most part. Let’s get into the favorites for this month.

💖 Favorites

📚 Books

The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Adichie is one of my favorite authors and I want to read every book she’s ever written. This book is a series of short stories following different Nigerian experiences in Nigeria and in America. Her storytelling is unparalleled and very well worth a read.

Consumed by Aja Barber

This book has all of my favorite topics: fast fashion, climate change and colonialism. Barber focuses the first half of the book on writing about the history of fast fashion and how we have gotten to the state we are in today. In the second half of the book she breaks down how we as humans can do better on an individual scale and a larger scale. Her writing is easily digestible and very friendly for all audiences.

👚 Clothing, Beauty & Decor

Fruit Print on Etsy

I’ve recently been in the mood to change up my prints in my bedroom. After visiting India, I have been inspired by Indian art. This is a print that mimics what you might find in elementary school learn-to-read book.

Pants by FabIndia

I made this purchase at the FabIndia store in India. They have so many wonderful colors and prints and types of clothes. I really love their pants and bought some black gaucho-like pants with a floral embroidered hem.

The Noguchi Museum Gift Shop

This past week I visited the Noguchi Museum, home to Isamu Noguchi’s iconic art. The museum has a wonderful little gift shop with beautiful lantern light fixtures and tchotchkes. I purchased a little frog beeswax candle that I have been enjoying very much.

🍱 Restaurants

Punjabi Deli in East Village

I finally obtained some cash so that I could visit this East Village establishment. This deli is located in an unassuming grocery store serving 6–7 vegetarian dishes. The food is incredibly cheap ($6 for a generous serving of two veggie dishes and rice or roti). The food is homey and made me feel happy.

The Doughnut Project in West Village

I have been here way too many times but if you are looking for fun doughnut flavors in the West Village, this is the spot. My favorites include “Those Beetz are Dope”, the “PB&J” as well as the “Cinnamon Roll”.

Little Kirin

This is a new establishment serving various asian inspired dishes. I’ve gotten their loaded tots and they are so good. The crispy fried chicken bites that come with it are perfectly cooked.

Noodlecraft in Long Island City

I stopped by here after a visit to MOMA PS1. Their noodles are SO good and so fresh. They are also spicy so beware.

🫑 Food & Recipes

Pesto Bolognese Lasagna by Half Baked Harvest

I love lasagna. This is a fun twist on traditional lasagna. I take the easy way out and buy pre-made sauce and pre-made pesto. This is a fun dish to make at the beginning of the week and you are set for dinner for the rest of the week.

Chana Masala

I used a mish mash of recipes and my mom’s recipe to create chana masala this week. This dish always makes me feel at home and warm.

Smoked Salmon Bagels

Sometime this month I had a sudden craving for smoked salmon. I decided to buy some bagels and cream cheese. My favorite smoked salmon is the everything but the bagel smoked salmon from TJ’s. Probably not the most traditional but I like it. I like to top my smoked salmon bagels with fresh dill for a little extra dimension.

🎹 Music

Stick Season by Noah Kahan

Woof, this song is so good. Noah Kahan’s music is perfectly sad and perfect for the fall colder weather. His music makes me want to cuddle up in front of a fire with a hot cider and a blanket.

Bring It on Home to Me by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas

A lovely little song from a lovely little duo. I have been really enjoying Otis Redding’s music. He has a beautiful voice!

Bitch by Meredith Brooks

I heard this song in the outro of Netflix’s new movie, Do Revenge. It has such angsty 90’s energy and I love it.

🛣️ Places


This is a branch of MOMA located in Long Island City. The museum itself is housed in an old school building. It really feels like you are in a school when you walk around. The exhibits themselves are centered around local artists which is very cool.

The Noguchi Museum

I took the Astoria ferry to get here and walked to the museum which is located in front of a Costco. The museum has beautiful light and features lots of Isamu Noguchi’s work. I wouldn’t say it is necessarily the most well documented museums out there but it the vibes are really nice. There is a nice outdoor courtyard with his sculptures that feels like a Japanese garden. The gift shop is also nice.

Astoria & LIC Waterfront

As mentioned above, I have been hopping around the Queens waterfront a lot this past month. I would highly recommend walking around the parks on the water. I also recommend taking the ferry from either Wall Street or 34th Street to get there.

🎞️ Media

Do Revenge

I didn’t expect to like this movie so much but it gave off Mean Girls x Clueless energy in the best way possible. A very 90’s fun teen drama.

Wicked on Broadway

AFTER SO MANY YEARS I FINALLY GOT TO SEE WICKED ON BROADWAY. Yes, it exceeded my expectations. We sat up very close to the stage which made the experience even more surreal because you could see their expressions throughout the show. The songs gave me goosebumps and I love the story so much.

✨ Random Things


I love karaoke so much. I will take any and every opportunity to do karaoke. This particular month I got to sing the 10 minute version of All too Well as well as Bet on It and I felt very complete.


CitiBiking is always so fun but I haven’t been doing much of it recently. This past week I rode a CitiBike up and down the West Side Highway and it felt so nice.

This Wonderful Fall Weather

Took out my goddamn AC and have started to open up my windows to enjoy the crisp Fall breeze. The weather is honestly so perfect and it has even motivated me to get out and run which is so surprising.

💭 Final Thoughts

As I’m reflecting on this month, I’ve realized that it has been a very nice month for me. Although the trip to India was chaotic and stressful at times, I feel like it made me realize how much New York feels like home to me. Coming back to my own space felt so relaxing and uplifting. I am also definitely a creature who operates based on the weather and this good weather has made my mood a lot happier. As for the future I am definitely excited and more optimistic. I am hoping to plan at least one trip this Fall (hopefully to somewhere warm). Wishing everyone a lovely fall ❤

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