Monthly Favorites —October 2022

A bunch of things I’ve enjoyed this month.

Storm King, MSG and Central Park

👋 Introduction

This month really flew by what the heck. It is almost the end of the FREAKING year. October was actually a pretty nice month. The weather has been splendid and I ended up socializing a lot and doing something fun every weekend. I also did a good job not eating out a lot and cooking more instead, which is something I really enjoy. I’m a little nervous for the sun starting to set so damn early but maybe this is finally the year I am immune to the short, dark days.

💖 Favorites

📚 Books

Fireflies by Rabindranath Tagore

I found this book at the East Village Bookstore and went back to get it. It’s a series of short poems by Tagore. I thought each poem was so fun to read and I’m glad I own this book.

The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri

A very depressing but beautiful read by Jhumpa Lahiri. This one follows a couple generations of a family and tells their story through the perspectives of different family members who immigrate to the United States from Kolkata. This book made me cry at points because it was so sad.

👚 Clothing, Beauty & Decor

Align Cropped Tank Top by Lululemon

I bought another one of these in black because I love it so much. It is very comfy and makes me feel good. I wear it to F45 on strength days.

The Linen Relaxed Shirt by Everlane

Bought this second hand on Poshmark in a light green color. I’ve been wearing this piece so much, it gives a very casual effortless look.

Green Fuzzy Sweatshirt by Reebok

My friend who works at Reebok got my roommate and I these fun fuzzy sweatshirts and asldfkj I wear it all the time.

Detangle Hydro Rush Intense Moisture Leave in Conditioner by Amika

Bought this to keep my hair a little extra moisturized throughout the week. I love the smell and it lasts for a couple of days after washing.

🍱 Restaurants

Terra Thai in East Village

A cute little takeout spot in Alphabet City. Honestly, some of the better Thai food I’ve had in months. I used to really like Somtunder, but I think their quality has decreased recently. Terra Thai is my new favorite.


Had a WaWa hoagie for the first time recently and it was so good. I love their toppings :) It is also so cheap lol.

🫑 Food & Recipes

Greek Chicken Meatballs

I’ve made a version of these twice in the past month. They are a great addition to salads and soups. One time, I added feta to them and it added a nice salty kick to each meatball. I really love adding these to a chicken broth orzo soup.

Spaghetti and Meat Sauce

I love to have a lot of meat sauce on hand for weeks that I am busy and don’t really want to cook. I do a shortcut version where I saute onions and carrots, add ground turkey, seasoning and a chicken bouillon cube. To this, I add pre-made Rao’s Arrabiatta and call it a day. It tastes so good and makes enough sauce for 4–5 meals. I like to cook the spaghetti day of so that it tastes a little bit more fresh.

🎹 Music

Midnights by Taylor Swift

MMMM. Good album. My favorite song is probably Mastermind. Something about the words really speak to me and I like the tune.


October is a very Coldplay month for me. Nothing like some slow sad songs to get me into the cold winter spirit.

🛣️ Places

Storm King Art Center

I’ve been wanting to go here for so long and finally took a day trip with some friends. The fall foliage was peaking and it was honestly incredible. I thought we wouldn’t be able to explore the entire park but it isn’t actually that big and it is very accessible. It’s such a beautiful spot and not too far outside of New York City.

Delicious Orchards Apple Picking

Haven’t been apple picking in a while but got to do it in New Jersey this year. I forgot how fun it was. I also forgot how fun it was to pick out a pumpkin!

Six Flags Great Adventure

Looks like a lot of my favorite places were day trips outside of New York City lol. I haven’t been on a rollercoaster since high school and it shows. It was fun but my body can’t handle rollercoasters like it used to be able to. We went on a bit of a rainy day and the lines were so short (would highly recommend). I really liked Nitro and Medusa.

Madison Square Garden

I went to MSG to see a Knicks game. It’s a smaller arena but it was so fun to watch some basketball. I am slowly getting more into the sport and find it fun to watch.

🎞️ Media

Abbott Elementary

Binged the hell out of this show and am all up to date. It is so funny and lighthearted. I love it so much.

✨ Random Things

Going into Work? — Revolutionary

Today marks the third or fourth Thursday I’ve gone into the office. It’s been a nice routine and a good way to make the week go by a little faster. I don’t know if I get a ton more work done at the office but I feel like I do.

Dogs in Halloween Costumes at Tompkins Square Park

This was an absolutely chaotic Sunday event but there were SO MANY cute dogs. It was overwhelmingly cute energy all around.

Laying in Nice Grass

At Storm King, my friends and I laid on the well manicured grass in the sun and it was magical. I wanted to stay there forever. I felt like I was curing any illness I had.

💭 Final Thoughts

After writing this article, I have concluded that it has been a pretty nice month. I feel a lot more at home in New York City and that is a very good feeling. I’ve also been able to see a lot of my friends and that always makes me feel good. I’m excited to see where the rest of the year takes me ❤

Fall ❤



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