A Favorite Memory at the Beach

I’ve recently become interested in doing more creative writing prompts. Here’s one that I decided to try out.

A favorite memory at the beach.

They all call me sandy Rucha. I am covered head to toe in sand. I’ve somehow managed to dig every inch of my body into the sand at Crane’s beach. All the other kids around me are running around the beach with buckets and pails. Me? I’m sitting firm on the wet sand. I could sit there for days without much complaint. I’ve always loved digging my toes into the sand and feeling the small waves nudge at my feet. The ocean has always scared me a little bit because it’s so massive and powerful. However, whenever I am sitting on the beach on a hot summer day, I feel so incredibly content.

Here’s a story about when my content mood was disrupted at the beach. I was sitting on my usual plot of wet sand and another kid came up to me with a kite. Do you want to try and fly my kite? Sure, I said, never having flown a kite before. I took the spool from his hand and started running up and down the shore, the orange and pink kite flying behind me around 30 feet in the air. It was beautiful.

My turn flying the kite was over and I started to hand off the spool to my new friend. The spool slipped. My friend and I ran after the kite but it had flown too far away. We watched as the kite took off into the horizon, the waves still gently nudging our feet. Defeated, we sat back down on the wet sand and cried.



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