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A personal reflection on some things I’ve learned in the months after losing my dad.

July 21st, 2020

More reflections on my minimalism journey.

A short list of some of my favorite spots in the continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii are on a different level of beautiful).

1. Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor, ME)

Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain

2. Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge (Concord, MA)

Investigating the user experience of digital news media.

Printing newspapers

Tips for being assertive at your yearly health checkups.

Nothing too fancy, just a little reflection.

A sunny day in east village

A short reflection on my past 6 months as a UX designer.

A UX designer at work.
A UX designer at work.

Today marks my 80th day of practicing daily guided meditations.

A deeper look into where those clothes you drop off at Goodwill ACTUALLY go.

A woman carrying secondhand jeans at the Kantamanto market in Accra, Ghana, one of the largest secondhand markets in the world.

A short little reflection.


boop a snoot today

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