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This is going to be a short article about why I love Goodreads even though it is one of the most poorly designed websites on all of the internet. Goodreads, owned by Amazon, is one of the most popular book databases that allows users to search, document, and review almost any book in the world. Late last year was the first time I started genuinely using the platform to track my reading adventures.

If you’ve ever used Goodreads, you know that it looks like a website that was made in the late 1990’s, and never updated. I don’t know how…

My attempt to disrupt my daily routine to find new things that I might like.

For the past several months, I’ve had a pretty set routine. I’m the type of person who really loves being in a routine, so as you can imagine, this past year and a half has been really fun for me. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that my routine has started to get disrupted by the world slowly opening up again. At first, I was a bit annoyed. I love my routine and I didn’t want it to be disrupted. However, I noticed that there were several things that I was doing that I didn’t really enjoy anymore. I…

In honor of this being my 100th Medium article, I’ve decided to compile a list of my top 10 favorite articles from the past.

I cannot believe I’ve been writing Medium articles for almost two years now. To be honest, I never thought this would be something that stuck, but writing something weekly has kept me sane throughout these past two years.

I started writing articles because I realized I had a lot of thoughts and nowhere to express them. I always felt better after getting my thoughts on a piece of paper, even if it was only a couple of paragraphs, and poorly edited. …

I’ve never written an article like this, but this one’s gonna be fun. This summer has been a long time coming and I’m determined to make it a fun, memorable summer. I definitely want to preface this by saying that I am grateful for this vaccine because without it, this summer would have probably been a lot more miserable. It’s been a really tough year and I’m excited to see a few more friends and give people hugs without stressing too much.

I’ve been in the mood to find new drinks for the summer, so here are a couple that…

Last week I finished up a one week trial of F45, a 45 minute workout class that focuses on strength, cardio and resistance. Where I live, the one week trial costs around $50 and allows for one class a day. I’ll get more into the details of pricing later, because overall, it’s really damn expensive.


I want to start out by saying: I love F45. Classes are 45 minutes long with equipment, loud music and super friendly instructors. The overall focus of the class depends on the day of the week. Here is the overall structure of the week:


“Having fun isn’t hard, when you have a library card” — Arthur

The Boston Public Library

This article will be an ode to one of my favorite public spaces in the world, the public library. I might be a little biased because I spent a couple of years working in a library, but I can confidently say that public libraries are the best.

I grew up going to my local public library with my mom at least twice a week. At the time, the library seemed so big to my small 5 year old self. I remember the day I was old enough to get my own library card. The rule was that if you could…

A personal reflection on some things I’ve learned in the months after losing my dad.

July 21st, 2020

“Grief is love with no place to go.”

In the grand scheme of things, I am still relatively new to the complicated feeling that is grief. My dad passed away in July when I was 22 years old and although it hasn’t been a year, I’ve wanted to write an article about how to support a friend that is grieving, especially if that friend is in their early 20’s. After thinking through it a lot, I’ve realized that it’s hard to write an article about “10 things you can do to help someone who is grieving” because grief has so…

More reflections on my minimalism journey.

Let me start off by saying that I love minimalism. I don’t think there’s necessarily a set of rules or items that make a person a minimalist, but over the past year, minimalism has given me a new lens to see the world through. The process of being more intentional about the objects I bring into my life has allowed me to become more empowered and give more value intangible things like my physical body and my relationships. With this said, I also really like having balance in my life, in whatever part of my life this may be. Recently…

A short list of some of my favorite spots in the continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii are on a different level of beautiful).

In honor of today being earth day (which is also every day), I’ve decided to compile some of my favorite outdoor destinations in the United States. These are not organized in any particular order. Please enjoy and comment down below your favorite places!

1. Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor, ME)

Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain

Acadia in the summer is absolutely beautiful. There are so many things to do and Cadillac Mountain has the most beautiful sunrise on the entire eastern seaboard in my opinion. It can get crowded in the summer but it is one of my favorite places to go in Maine.

2. Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge (Concord, MA)

Investigating the user experience of digital news media.

Printing newspapers

Throughout most of my childhood, my family would get a physical newspaper delivered to our house. The familiar routine of running to the end of my driveway and bringing the paper into the house and handing out different sections of the paper to different family members was always a comforting morning routine. My brother would pour over the sports section, reading and memorizing every statistic from last night’s Red Sox game, and I would obsessively read each comic strip and fill out the Sudoku puzzle trying really hard to not look at the answers on the back of the page.


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